Watch our two-part webinar series

In May 2022, we organised a two-part webinar to raise awareness of the intersection between LGBTQ+ identities and people living with dementia. 

Part 1 was called Supporting LGBTQ+ People Living with Dementia: Raising Awareness. This was a presentation providing background about LGBTQ+ history and how people living with dementia who identify as LGBTQ+ are affected. There was also a discussion with one of our core members living with dementia.

Part 2 was called We are LGBTQ+ People Affected by Dementia: Ask Us Anything. This was a live question and answer session. Three people living with dementia and one carer of someone living with dementia answered questions about their lived experience. 


We hope to make the recordings available on our website soon. In the meantime, please contact us to request a link to the recordings.